Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Facts About the Natural Toothpaste

Dr. Wentz and his Scientific Team created a Natural Toothpaste! Although I had used an old favorite tooth paste with baking soda in it for years, Dr. Ladd McNamara, whom I had come to trust, encouraged me to look into the Natural Toothpaste that he uses.

Not only does it include baking soda to neutralize plaque acid, it is sweetened with xylitol, unlike other toothpastes. There are no artificial coloring, which is why it is not white, ...and contrary to popular belief the whiter the toothpaste DOES NOT mean the whiter your teeth will become! Although, it took some getting used to, I was glad to hear that Dr. Ladd McNamara felt the same. Now it's "normal" to use a toothpaste that's not artificially whitened.

Best of all, in the Natural Toothpaste is a foundation of advanced oral health ingredients not found in other toothpastes. Dr. Wentz and his team did it right. This toothpaste includes antioxidants; such as a unique formulation of vitamin C, combined with caffeine-free green tea extract that inhibit the enzyme that enables bacteria to stick to teeth and form plaque! This is one of the most important concepts that I could possible get across to you as a dental hygienist. If you were to pick up any pearl of wisdom it would be that it is important to inhibit the enzymes that lead to plaque build up through the powerful antioxidant action. Less plaque means less caries, or cavities.

And, in the segment above, not everyone will want fluoride treatment with every brushing, and fluoride was left out of this formulation. With the Natural Toothpaste you will be getting the best of everything for optimal oral health. Oral health is directly related to systemic health, including cardiac health.

I would encourage you to make the Natural Toothpaste a part of your daily regimen, just as Dr. Ladd McNamara, myself, and many members of our Team, as well as tens of thousands of people around the planet are doing.

Sometimes it's the simple things we do daily that add up to provide lifelong health!

(If you have not read my article on "ORAL HEALTH," and how Vitamins and Antioxidants are Associated with a Reduction in Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease, which in turn are linked to a reduction in heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, then, please go to my MAIN BLOG and read that article, as pharmaceutical grade, broad spectrum supplements should be used daily in addition to brushing at minimum twice a day: see

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