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Question: "DEAR CASEY"

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I received this from Chris P. after an email went out on Dr. Ladd McNamara's Global Distribution List about the importance of USANA's Natural Toothpaste on my Blog.

Quoting Chris P.

"Hi Casey,

After checking out your blog, I am very interested to hear about your background in dentistry, and how you used it in your USANA business. I, am also a USANA associate, and am a true believer in the USANA supplements and what they have to offer. I take the Essentials religiously every morning, and know that they are helping me to obtain optimal health.

On a Dental note, I have had a past history of teeth issues, and unfortunately have had to go through a couple scaling with my periodontist; but as of right now I have been able to keep my teeth in good health over the past year or so. I have to attribute that to me being diligent about my hygiene, in addition to being cautious about what I eat and drink. In the past, I was using the USANA Natural Toothpaste, but soon found out that I was not receiving the adequate amount of fluoride necessary to keep my gums strong so I switched back to a tooth paste with a high amount of fluoride.

Recently I decided that it would probably be a good idea if I used the USANA toothpaste in supplementation to my regular toothpaste. Do you think that is a good idea? I also take the CoQ10, but unfortunately not as often as I should. I am interested to hear your your professional perspective as a dental hygientist and USANA associate.

Chris P.

Dear Chris,

Since you emailed me directly, I wasn't sure whether you wanted everyone on Dr. McNamara's Global List to know your identity or not, so I played it safe and just used your initial of your last name in answering your questions, and decided that others would benefit if I posted it on my BLOG.

As I mentioned on this BLOG I have been a dental hygienist for 25 years in both Texas and California. For years and prior to getting into USANA, my doctor (dentist) and I sent patients to the local health food store to purchase products that we believed protected against periodontal(gum) disease. Many studies have proven the correlation between intake of CoQ10, vitamin C, and magnesium for dental health. You may have Googled and read articles from Journal of Nutrition, Dental Hygiene Journal, and many more. In the last two years, I have been able to recommend USANA due to their high quality pharmaceutical product line.

Our office currently suggests fluoride rinses or pastes if a patient has a high numbers of caries (cavities), not necessarily periodontal problems alone. Periodontal issues are treated with the scaling you mentioned, and a myriad of dental tools for hygiene as well as rinses: chlorhexidine, diluted hydrogen peroxide, and a few other treatments.

For tooth enamel strengthening, I am using a new treatment called MI Paste. It has a mix of calcium, phosphorus, and fluoride. This is generally for weak enamel resulting in caries or sensitivity from root exposure. The bottom line, in my opinion, is that the fluoride toothpaste has not really been shown to be effective for gum (or periodontal) issues, although it may benefit the tooth structure. The scaling and other treatments are what's working.

From what my upline leader, Ladd McNamara, M.D. tells me (especially having spent nearly a decade on USANA's Medical Advsiory Board) is that USANA decided not to put fluoride in its toothpaste because some people wanted the option NOT to have fluoride (for the reasons mentioned in my section above). Others wanted to be able to augment it with fluoride treatment if they so desired. With the way that USANA provides their Natural Toothpaste, a person may choose to do either based upon how they work with their dentist.

In answer to your question about the USANA toothpaste, I think it is wise to use this Natural Toothpaste daily. Every doctor and hygienist naturally have their own opinions regarding the use of fluoride. We all try to keep up with the latest studies and share what we learned to be the best solutions to oral health. The beauty of science, whether it is about oral health or nutritional supplements, is that we are continually discovering answers to questions. I have given you the best answers to date. Ask a dozen dentists and you will get a dozen different answers, so I hope I have given you some reassurance and clarification.

Good luck!

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